A mix of historic and non-historic building facades recently demolished in 2022 on Roanoke’s Campbell Ave

Six Essential Reasons to Save Old Places | National Trust for Historic Preservation (savingplaces.org)

There are many reasons why we save historic places. For some the beauty of a structure remains paramount, for others it is because of a personal connection to a landscape. Increasingly we save historic places to acknowledge and document our full history, while in other cases it is a part of the call to action in response to a changing climate. The reasons are wide and varied, serving as a reminder of why historic places and the work of preservation are so important to communities all around the country.

In an article that recently was posted by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (www.savingplaces.org), the reasons are as follows: 

  1. Save Old Places to Save the Planet
  2. Save Old Places to Advance Social Justice
  3. Save Old Places to Support Affordable Housing
  4. Save Old Places to Support Local Economic Development
  5. Save Old Places to Support Cultural Preservation
  6. Save Old Places to Preserve History for Future Generations

Six Practical Reasons to Save Old Buildings | National Trust for Historic Preservation (savingplaces.org)

What is historic, and worth saving, varies with the beholder, but some definition is urgent. Simply put, “historic” means “old and worth the trouble.” It applies to a building that’s part of a community’s tangible past. And though it may surprise cynics, old buildings can offer opportunities for a community’s future.

This article examines both the cultural and practical values of old buildings and looks at why preserving them is beneficial not only for a community’s culture, but also for its local economy.

An additional article adddresses Six Practical Reasones to Save Old Buildings, that includes:

  1. Old Buildings Have Intristic Value
  2. When You Tear Down an Old Building, You Never Know What is Being Destroyed
  3. New Businesses Prefer Old Buildings
  4. Old Buildings Attract people
  5. Old Buildings are a Reminder of a City’s Cuilture and Complexity
  6. Regret Only Goes One Way

Visit the National Trust for Historic Preservation for additional information on the importance of preserving our history!