Since 1996, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation has annually announced a list of significant historic, natural, and cultural sites in the Roanoke Valley that are in eminent danger of being lost due to deferred maintenance, demolition, or incompatible development. The intent is not to shame or punish the current owners but to bring attention to these sites and encourage their preservation and stewardship. The goal is to work closely with property owners and local governments in exploring options to promote their preservation. 

As the month of May is designated as Preservation Month, each year in May, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation announces our Annual Endangered Sites List to call attention to local history, special places, and the possibility that these significant sites are in danger of being lost unless efforts are made to preserve them.   

In addition to the Endangered Sites, RVPF now recognizes those sites that are Imminently Endangered.  Imminently Endangered sites are those that have been previously listed as endangered, but now unfortunately, have continued to be ignored, and are now at severe risk of being lost forever. 

Listed below are the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation’s Annual Endangered Sites:

2021 Endangered Sites
2019 Endangered Sites
2015 Endangered Sites
2014 Endangered Sites
2013 Endangered Sites
2012 Endangered Sites
2002 Endangered Sites
2001 Endangered Sites
1996 Endangered Sites

If you are aware of a historic site that may be in eminent danger of being lost due to deferred maintenance, demolition, or incompatible development, please let us know by completing and submitting an Endangered Sites Nomination Form

The best success we can ask for is to celebrate a once endangered property at our annual Preservation Awards Ceremony.