The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation hosts a series of free casual events called the Preservation Pub Talk!

Since September 2016, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation has hosted a series of short talks in bars and restaurants around the Roanoke Valley with discussions focused on current historic preservation issues impacting our community.

Admission is FREE but the beverage is on you! 

Please join us for beverages and conversation at our next Preservation Pub Talk!

Upcoming Preservation Pub Talks Planned

October 11, 2023 – The Changing Skyline of Downtown Roanoke

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Past Preservation Pub Talks

Past Preservation Pub Talk discussions have been on topics such as:

“The Past and Future of Explore Park”, with Roanoke County Asst. Administrator Doug Blount.  Held at Twin Creeks Brewpub located in Explore Park’s Historic Brugh’s Tavern, Mr. Blount spoke to about 20 attendees about Explore Park’s history and how the park’s past uses were gradually being incorporated into its future by the park’s overseer, Roanoke County. 

Honoring Their Breaths” with Roanoke City Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb.  In recognition of National Preservation Month, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation (RVPF) held a Preservation Pub Talk at the Gainsboro Library on Wednesday, May 4, 2022.  Foundation President Whitney Leeson welcomed approximately 50 attendees to the event that was kicked off by the Foundation’s Secretary, Anne Beckett, announcing the 2022 RVPF Endangered Sites list. This announcement was followed by a discussion led by Roanoke City Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb who explored the history and impact of local urban renewal projects in the 1950s that resulted in the removal of bodies from both Old Lick Cemetery and City farm Cemetery to the Corner Springs Cemetery. 

“Keeping Preservation Real: Preserving Authentic Communities As Well As Buildings”, with Restoration Housing LLC Executive Director Isabel Thornton.  Held at Taaza Restaurant in the Grandin Village, we had a provocative and relevant conversation about how the use of the space by people, past and present, can often be as valuable as the historic building itself.

“Taking It To The Streets – Making History Relevant,” with Stephen Warrenn, president of the Board of Trustees for the Historical Society and History Museum of Western Virginia led the discussion at Billy’s Restaurant  in downtown Roanoke.

“Roanoke Before It Was Roanoke”, with Alison Blanton, prior President of the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation at Fork in the Alley restaurant in South Roanoke spoke about the early days of Roanoke when it was known as ‘Big Lick’.

“Living Queer History”, with Samantha Rosenthal, Associate Professor of History and Coordinator of the Public History Concentration of Roanoke College, Salem Virginia at Martin’s Downtown Bar & Grill spoke about the LGBQT+ history of the Roanoke Valley.


If you have an idea for a Preservation Pub Talk, contact us at [email protected] and let us know for if your idea is used, RVPF will buy you a drink at the event.




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