The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation and Salem Museum & Historical Society dedicated a new Interpretive Historical Marker on the front lawn of historic Preston Place, the oldest standing house, in Salem, VA. 

The marker, shown below, was unveiled during a dedication ceremony held on Friday, December 3, 2021 at 12:00noon on the front lawn of historic Preston Place located at 1936 West Main Street in Salem, VA.

The current day Preston Place was built in 1820 and was donated to the Salem Historical Society in 2014 by the heirs of Dr. Esther Brown.



During the dedication ceremony held on the home’s front porch, Meredith Novak stated “We are sort of continuing the legacy of Dr. Esther Brown, who was the last resident of this house and she was the first female doctor in the area.” Ms. Novak is the owner of the new business, Glow Healing Arts, that will be occupying the historic structure.  



Since acquiring the property in 2014, the Society has carefully worked to clean, repair, and  furnish the house while restoring the grounds and gardens that features a huge  Osage Orange tree believed to be older than the home itself.


Members of the community, Salem Museum & Historical Society, and Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation were present to celebrate the dedication and celebrate both the past and future of historic Preston Place.