Since 1996, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation (RVPF) has annually announced a list of significant historic, natural, and cultural sites in the Roanoke Valley that are in eminent danger of being lost due to deferred maintenance, demolition, or incompatible development.

Each year in May, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation announces our Annual Endangered Sites List to call attention to local history, special places, and the possibility that these significant sites are in danger of being lost unless efforts are made to preserve them.

The Foundation is currently seeking nominations for our 2022 Endangered Sites List.  Nominations are due by March 21, 2022.

For additional information, including a 2022 RVPF Endangered Sites Nomination Form, visit our website’s Endangered Sites page.

For questions, please contact Judy Harrison by calling 343-8691 or by email to [email protected].