The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation is excited to announce and congratulate Board of Trustee member Evie Sloan for her participation in the creation and dedication of the Roanoke Higher Education Center’s Central Walkway Plaza connecting its main building with the Claude Moore Education Complex located on Henry Street a short distance away.  The Walkway Plaza project provides a timeline history walk from 1834 to 1970 that shares the extensive history of the Gainsboro community and Roanoke.  Etched into black granite markers along the brick walkway, pedestrians can read details about the historic Gainsboro neighborhood that was once the center for Black businesses and culture during the time of racial segreation.  Additionally, the most exciting piece of the project was the creation of a mobile web-based APP that accompanies the physical plaza walk that includes many more details and multimedia elements to the walkway experience.  Many, many volunteer hours were provided by Evie and others in the development of this Gainsboro History Project. 

This project is a great accomplishment and RVPF hopes you will enjoy the website/APP by clicking on the following link

Please visit the Walkway Plaza soon to enjoy the full Gainsboro History Project experience.