In early 2020, the Center for Structures of Studying Race (CSSR) began a research project called the Genealogy of Slavery that focuses on the specific history of slavery at Roanoke College and the surrounding region. This research attempts to identify the enslaved people whose labor helped build the College, and were owned by some the College’s founding members. Professor Bucher will discuss how this project supplements larger efforts to think about the epistemic genealogy of Roanoke College, and the role that slavery and institutional racism have played in shaping the college.

Topic:  Genealogy of Slavery Research Project
When:  Tuesday, June 11,2024
Time:  5:30 to 6:30 pm
Where:  Gainsboro Library, 15 Patton Avenue, NW, Roanoke, VA  

This is one interesting discussion you will not want to miss.  So SAVE THE DATE and hope to see you there!